Goji Berries For Vibrant Health And Fertility What are Goji Berries? The goji berry originated in the warmer regions of China such as Mongolia and Tibet, and has an extensive history in various traditional Chinese medicines. This shrub was first used to shift the blood and yin as an herbal treatment, but studies have shown that the miraculous fruit has more than just a few uses. What can Goji Berries do? Elevate mood and libido Improve female egg quality Improve fertility by increasing blood flow Aid embryo implantation by thickening uterine lining Strengthen the immune system with antioxidants Promote healthy new cell growth Protect the liver Boost energy levels, even in times of stress and fatigue What are some nutrients in Goji Berries? Amongst the many essential antioxidants, amino acids and numerous minerals, two main elements in the goji berry stand out: arginine and zinc. Arginine, an amino acid is central to the development and health status of an individual. This means arginine is crucial for more successful conception and pregnancy. Equally as important, zinc is necessary in the production of protein and DNA as well as the operation in over a hundred different enzymes. In addition, this super nutrient also carries out central cell functions including repair, growth and membrane transport. Goji Berries and female fertility: The goji berry is widely used to aid women with poor egg quality and low ovarian reserve. In addition, women who aren’t generating a sufficient amount of blood and have a thin uterine lining will benefit from using goji berries. Goji Berries and male fertility: Goji berries are well known for increasing the quality of the sperm by both amount and motility. They are also recognized for helping to prevent the overheating of sperm and involuntary release of semen in the absence of a climax. What forms do Goji Berries come in? This vibrant red berry can be used in many forms! It is also commonly administered as a tonic, tea, capsule, in its’ natural or dried form as well as being used in many recipes! At Family Acupuncture, our preferred use is Goji Berry Juice. This form concentrates all the benefits and antioxidants into a food based supplement that is easy to add to your diet. Call Today For An Appointment: (561) 459-0528