10 Reasons to Send Your Hubby to Acupuncture Fertility While we’ve made it clear that acupuncture has shown to improve fertility in females, acupuncture has equivalent benefits for males that often go ignored or underrated! In recent studies, application of acupuncture has resulted in increased sperm motility by mending structural abnormalities in the sperm in addition to the actual amount. Furthermore, females are blamed in a wide majority of infertility cases but males are the culprit nearly 40% of the time! The increase in sperm quality and quantity aids and can potentially cure the issue of fertility in males. Pain Relief Many men attempt to suffer through pain, but relief can come easily and naturally. Some of the most common ailments exist in the musculoskeletal realm which acupuncture is highly effective in, maintaining an ability to treat an ever-growing list of disorders and pain from head to toe. A form of traditional medicine, acupuncture has remained a leading contender in the world of pain relief where options are few, primarily because it can lessen the cause for other medications while inducing little to no side effects. Stress and Depression Stress arises from the release of specific hormones into the bloodstream, which if unnecessary can prove to be harmful to your body’s condition, having detrimental effects like heart disease and even brain shrinkage. Acupuncture’s ability to block the glands which secrete “stress” hormones results in the decrease of stress felt in individuals. In traditional Chinese medical terms, depression is an outcome of irregular Qi flow, which is controlled chiefly by the liver with the heart and spleen supporting. The use of acupuncture can release endorphins & serotonin (our body’s natural ‘feel good’ brain chemicals) and provide effective treatment for depression, even outperforming well known antidepressant medications without side effects, a common one being loss of libido. Headaches A number of studies have compared traditional acupuncture with sham acupuncture, but have found that traditional acupuncture can not only decrease the intensity of both tension headaches and migraines but also reduce the frequency of them. Furthermore, participants reported lasting effects from only the traditional acupuncture. Longevity Although modern medicine has played a significant role in extending the average lifespan due to our obsession revolving around advancements in anti aging, this often comes at the cost of quality of life. Acupuncture can help individuals maintain a well balanced life, one that is both long and filled with emotional balance. Acupuncture circulates the body’s “qi” or universal life energy and allows it to freely flow throughout the body’s meridians. This is the key to ensuring improved health and longevity by restoring balance in the body. In addition to enhancing how you feel, acupuncture can also improve your appearance by eliminating those pesky lines that weren’t on your face 10 years ago! Regular facial acupuncture not only softens the skin, making it more delicate but lessens the amount of noticeable wrinkles, reduction of age spots, and an overall lifting of the face and eyelids. Men are certainly as concerned about the effects of aging as women are but often aren’t provided the same luxuries that are offered to women, which makes acupuncture a golden and absolute alternative. Allergies Who wants to hear their husband snore all night and blow his nose all morning?! While acupuncture has been shown to alleviate allergy symptoms such as itchy eyes and runny noses, recent studies have allowed research has shown that acupuncture can provide relief for harsher conditions such as seasonal allergic rhinitis. While research is limited, these recent studies have been breakthrough by revealing that acupuncture can truly outperform not only other alternative medicines but they provided more relief for patients than antihistamines without the cumbersome side-effects that often follow other methods! Workout Performance Part-time athletes and gym fanatics often experience fatigue and loss of energy by the end of their day often struggling through their workout, but natural remedies for this lack of energy exist. Acupuncture helps to improve the circulation and overall flow in your body, which results in not only improved endurance but improved immunity and sleep to help you compensate for those lengthy days. As well as bettering the workout experience, acupuncture can yield relief of the sore after effects from the “burn” many active individuals crave. Prevention could also be provided by improving muscle relaxation wholly aiding repetitive strains and painful adhesions from scar tissue. By improving the body’s natural ability to recover, the endurance and results of training programs is boosted & both the speed and quality of recovery from injury is also improved. Addictions: Big or Small Are you worried that your husband may be indulging in too much alcohol, smoking or other harmful substances that affect not only his health, but your well-being as a couple? Are you concerned alcohol & cigarette intake might have an effect on sperm quality? These issues are worth addressing! Acupuncture is often used as a therapeutic intervention to addiction because of it’s ability to function as a “detox” method by significantly reducing cravings and relieving withdrawal symptoms. In collaboration with counseling or support groups, acupuncture provides the most relief from mild addictions like alcohol or nicotine to harder drugs like opiates when initially used daily and then continued regularly to retain the calming attitude which acupuncture can provide. In fact, acupuncture’s effectiveness in both treatment and prevention have proven to be so effective that it is often incorporated into various drug rehabilitation programs! Call Today For An Appointment: (561) 459-0528