Probiotics For Female Fertility Health What are Probiotics? Probiotics are organisms such as beneficial bacterias or yeasts that are found to improve health. Many people when learning of the meaning of probiotics are unsure and hesitant to take them due to our prior negative association with bacteria, however it is important to acknowledge that in our body exists good bacteria that works with such probiotics to boost the immune system and maintain healthy intestines. A side effect that accompanies their main use is preventing harmful bacteria from gaining a foothold in your digestive tract and vagina. What are the Benefits of Taking Probiotics? Many women are unaware as to how common vaginal microflora disorders really are. One reports states there are upwards of 300 million cases of UTIs, bacterial vaginosis, and yeast vaginitis worldwide every year! Fortunately, probiotics can assist you in avoiding troublesome vaginal problems and enhance your overall vaginal health by maintaining proper microbial balance. Probiotics such as lactobacilli are especially helpful because they are able to fight a wide range of infections and viruses, even ones that traditional antibiotics are not considered effective for. They are able to do this by working to restore the bacterial balance of our urogenital tract, therefore curing conditions such as bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections or even urinary tract infections (UTI). Prevention of Disease and Probiotic Types: While probiotics are remarkably successful in the treatment of such conditions, they are an even better preventative method! The simplest of tasks, such as eating an occasional yogurt, applying vaginal moisturizers, or taking an oral supplement will boost your vaginal and digestive health tremendously. In fact, these three methods are recommended specifically by many natural health physicians. Supplements and sources: Probiotic Pearls / Supplements Cultured yogurt Miso soup Sauerkraut Kefir Kombucha Chlorella / Microalgae Pickles Tempeh Kimchi Call Family Acupuncture today for an appointment: (561) 459-0528