Chlorella – Superfood for Vibrant Health & Fertility What is Chlorella and What Does it Do? Chlorella is a type of fresh water, single-celled green algae which is spherical in shape and microscopic in size. It was initially discovered in the late 19th century and then investigated subsequent to World War II as a possible food source because of its incredible protein concentration and accelerated growth rate. Additionally, chlorella is known for its capabilities in enhancing the immune system and fighting infection, especially within the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. This super nutrient operates specifically within the GI tract, combating ulcers, colitis, diverticulosis as well as Crohn’s disease. But its benefits are not solely digestive; Chlorella has been shown to promote bacterial balance, fight bacterial and viral infections, regulate body levels such as cholesterol and blood pressure, and limit the spread of cancer. Furthermore, while fighting cancer might seem like an impossible feat for such a minuscule plant, it certainly can help. Chlorella contains vitamin C and carotenoids, which are antioxidants known for disabling free radicals (unstable molecules associated with pollution, cancer and environmental toxins that are notorious for damaging cells) within the body. The Heavy Metal & Chemical Detox Properties of Chlorella Whether you are aware of it or not, your body is constantly absorbing heavy metals and chemicals, one of the most pressing health hazards of our day! As mercury and other heavy metals accumulate in your body from seemingly harmless sources such as seafood and dental fillings, chronic symptoms might begin to appear. In fact, fatigue, aching joints and emotional negativity might all be caused by heavy metal toxicity! While your body is naturally able to excrete many harmful pathogens and chemicals, chlorella’s size and unique properties allow it to play a vital role in this process. Chlorella’s molecular structure allows it to bond metals, chemicals as well as various pesticides, therefore removing them from your body’s main pathways. Does Chlorella Aid in Fertility? Mercury is a potent toxin and heavy metal which has detrimental effects on children, fetuses, and pregnant or nursing women. Since chlorella is so successful in reversing its damage, it has certainly risen to become a powerful tool for fertility. Not only does chlorella aid fertility because of its detoxification wonders, it is also considered to be a fertility superfood! Chlorella actually supports the process of ovulation in women while boosting sperm count and quality in men. This micro algae cleanses the body and restores hormonal functioning in order to prepare it for a baby. Taking chlorella during a series of acupuncture treatments can boost your efforts dramatically. Taking chlorella is an additional way of supporting your body’s good health and reinforcing the effects of the acupuncture. Because chlorella is a food-based supplement that is not chemically processed, it is safe to take while trying to get pregnant. Dosage for each person is different based on their body weight and needs so it is best to consult with your Acupuncture Physician to find out the dose that will best support your body. Call Family Acupuncture today for an appointment: (561) 459-0528